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Zip tie sculpture (at Indianapolis Museum of Art)
A medical illustrator’s doodle, by Elyssa Siegel (elyssasiegel.com) (at Indiana University Health Neuroscience Center)
Geez kid, cheer up! #tbt


Back in Indy

"Great American…
The fair
This is William Floyd. He signed the Declaration of Independence and had a kid who had a kid who had a kid who had a kid who had a kid who had me.
First time trotting around Silver Lake.
Today was a pretty day.
Dad and fiancé for a day :)
I’ll miss these fools on Wednesday nights.
(…was I pretending to drive?)
Performed on this lovely stage today #ucb
Busy busy day today. Rehearsal + 3 auditions but when I did get a moment I couldn’t help but dip my feet in :)
Happy Monday!