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And then make you laugh like an idiot over hot chocolate afterwards
Good friends swim in the ocean at midnight with you.
Laguna Beach yesterday
Working with these guys has been such a treat. Last day today. 
I’ll miss you! At least until this gets picked up ;)
…this… just… :)
Saw Hollywood today
I went to the Tammy premiere w my friend @bengleib, I air-kicked someone and a photographer said “got it!”
Zip tie sculpture (at Indianapolis Museum of Art)
A medical illustrator’s doodle, by Elyssa Siegel (elyssasiegel.com) (at Indiana University Health Neuroscience Center)
Geez kid, cheer up! #tbt


Back in Indy

"Great American…
The fair
This is William Floyd. He signed the Declaration of Independence and had a kid who had a kid who had a kid who had a kid who had a kid who had me.